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Taka Boom 1985 Funk

Nearly twice as many permits were issued last year than the year before, but only two more building inspectors were hired to handle the load. The city shelled out more than $20,000 in overtime pay in.

A nearly 4-acre lot in Delray Beach. a car dealership. FL-PB Park Place, LLC sold the vacant lot at 2419-2605 North Federal Highway to an undisclosed buyer. It is just north of a Maroone Volkwagen.

By 2005, Sherr urged the bank to pull back from lending during the real estate boom. He had seen all this before: Shirr was used to Florida land booms — and busts "It goes in cycles. Cycles are very p.

The Adirondack Park Agency recently granted her company permission to build 34 homes, and Johnson said the houses would fill a housing void in the new commercial boom in this former Olympic Village. W.

"The second noise was a boom, like a bomb. I grabbed my keys and purse and left." Whipple went outside where she said a house guest was aiming a hose on dry wall and parts of her neighbor’s roof that.

John Dickinson rarely feels guilty when business is good, but lately his good fortune has come as a loss to someone else. The owner of Scuba Works in Jupiter bets half of his clients are coming from F.

Gospel Music Ministry Gospel music artist Shawn Jones died suddenly during a concert earlier. Jones also talked about his ministry with a focus on how Jesus is still

Sales of commercial sites in Palm Beach and Broward counties were at unusually high levels during the second quarter of 1985. In Palm Beach County, the buying boom resulted in a new second-quarter rec.

has predicted that the economic impact of a local race could match the financial boom in Dade County. The statistics show that an additional 40,000 spectators watched the 1985 race over the 1984 event.

Sue Caspanello, of Davie, lives in a trailer next to the gas station. Caspanello said she was asleep in her bedroom when she heard a loud "boom." Her first thought, she said, was that her home was on.

Nikolits said county and local government should not expect a return soon to the influx of property tax revenue they grew accustomed to during South Florida’s real estate boom. With unemployment still.

To honor McAllister, on Wednesday afternoon Torode and Wilmoth are attaching a steel sculpture called Reef Art to the Ancient Mariner wreck. McAllister constantly updated the ranges as South Florid.

One, from Ford Motors, ballyhood the Lincoln-Mercury Division`s “Baby Boom“ advertising campaign, which features the Beatles` song Help. The other concerned the NBC film biography of John Lennon. It.

Asked why the state waited until now to ban imports, wildlife agency spokeswoman Amanda Nalley said, "It’s really been the past five or 10 years that their numbers have really started to boom out of c.

Boom Boom stormed the fur show at the 7th Regiment Armory. As commanding general until 1985, when he got fired for being in Europe on a free trip with one of his wives when a hurricane hit New York an.

That transformation has been under way for decades, fueled by an extraordinary population boom and rising land prices. Some cattle and horse ranches still remain, along with sugar cane fields, winter.

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The military has staged 16 coups in the past 60 years, but the last two, in 1981 and 1985, failed to win any support outside. Thailand`s recent economic boom has dramatically increased the wealth o.

We heard a thump,“ said I. Miller, a retired businessman from Boca Raton. “Yeah, I heard it — boom,“ said Norman Conn, a Pembroke Pines salesman. Passengers said the pilot came on the public addre.

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What is a discount mall? There`s one obvious answer: It is supposed to offer discounts. The 106 merchants at Sawgrass Mills are supposed to offer discounts off retail of at least 20 percent. Sawgrass.

A steadily rising birthrate in Broward County has led to the addition of two more hospital obstetrical units in south Broward, bringing the number of obstetrical units in the county to eight. Pembroke.

Professional Wrestling, as the term is understood today, is a cooperative endeavor in which athletes face off in loosely choreographed matches with pre-determined outcomes, in a manner resembling a type of freestyle combat loosely based on Greco-Roman wrestling, amateur/Olympic wrestling, and (since the 1990s) Mixed Martial Arts (which themselves grew partially out of pro wrestling).

Statistics from a total survey of the market revealed that in Broward County, demand was up 6 percent from 1985 as buyers paid $20.2 million for 732 acres of investment land. In Palm Beach County, an.